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Welcome to Arataki Honey Rotorua

Arataki Honey is the number one beekeeping business in the Southern Hemisphere, with 20,000 hives across New Zealand.

The business, established in 1944, is run in two parts. The Rotorua Division of Arataki Honey are specialists in Packed Honey, Bulk Honey, Comb Honey, Propolis products & Beeswax, Packaged Bees for export, Queen Bees and Orchard Pollination in the Bay of Plenty. The Hawke's Bay Division produces and packs honey for the local and export market, provides local pollination services and is the site of the Arataki Honey Visitors Centre.
Honey is healthy and delicious, and thereís no better place to get yours than Arataki. From hive to honey pot, every step of the way, quality and traceability are keys to making New Zealandís finest honeys.
People and Bees are at the heart of Arataki Honey. We are committed to good Bee health and work place enjoyment.
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